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About Me

Jie Xia

Contemporary Art Specialist

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MAH Art Advisory started as a full-service art advisory firm specialized in post-war and contemporary art. Founded by New York based expert Jie Xia in 2016, the company provides expertise for all stages of building collections within depth. Working with both established collectors and institutional clients globally, MAH provides independent advice based on its deep understanding of art history and the increasing international art market.


Jie established MAH Art Advisory after her ten-year experience in both the primary and secondary art markets. Having working extensively in New York’s major auction house and leading galleries, Jie has established and maintained strong relationships with a number of galleries, private dealers, auction house and museums. Jie is committed to strengthen and endorse efficient communications and business transactions between collectors and the art world.   


Jie graduated with distinction from Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s Art Business program in New York, and has a BA of Philosophy and Critical Social Thought from Mount Holyoke College. She also attended NYU, and now is USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) tested in the United States.

Jie serves on the Advisory Board of the Mount Holyoke Art Museum since 2014.



MAH Art Advisory – 总部设立于纽约曼哈顿中城,是一家专注于艺术品收藏投资的综合性咨询公司,旨在提高艺术品无论在审美需求还是在另类投资上的整体价值。

MAH全方位覆盖世界艺术品一、二级市场,特别在当代艺术领域,为藏家提供最前沿的信息和最完整的收藏管理服务。无论是带领刚刚进入当代艺术品收藏领域的新藏家从零开始接触画廊、拍卖行、艺术家和美术馆,还是帮助经验丰富的藏家巩固扩张现有收藏, MAH凭借对艺术市场的敏锐性,丰富的关系网络,以最有优势的价格和优先渠道,为藏家找寻最稀有、珍贵和顶级质量的可增值艺术品。MAH提供包括私下交易,拍卖委托,收藏建议,以及估价、保险、运输和借展在内的全方位艺术品收藏管理服务。

MAH来源于“Make Art Happen”(让艺术发生)的小概念 , 不仅仅专注于传统艺术品收藏,还时刻密切关注全球新潮文化。结合却不局限于传统美术品的小概念, 转而从当代艺术角度更深层次的观察了解全世界范围的新潮,先锋,新锐的文化, 旨在从美学和新奇角度提供最前沿的生活方式和独特的生活体验。

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