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MAH Art Advisory Service excels in providing comprehensive support across various facets of the art market, catering to both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. Here’s an overview of their diverse offerings:

Building Collections

MAH specializes in curating personal and institutional art collections tailored to individual tastes and investment goals.It source artworks from primary galleries worldwide, ensuring clients have access to exclusive pieces that align with their aesthetic preferences and budgetary considerations.

Agent and Appraisals 

For clients looking to divest artworks, MAH offers expert consignment services to auctions and private sales. Their strategic approach includes market analysis, pricing guidance, and negotiation support to achieve optimal results for sellers.MAH conducts thorough appraisals of contemporary artworks, offering clients accurate valuations for insurance, estate planning, or sales purposes. Their appraisals are backed by extensive market knowledge and expertise in assessing the value of modern and contemporary art.

Educational Elements

Recognizing the importance of art education, MAH provides informative resources and guidance sessions to educate clients on art history, market trends, and collecting strategies. This empowers collectors to make informed decisions and deepen their appreciation for contemporary art.

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MAH serves as a catalyst for artists seeking broader exposure by connecting them with reputable galleries and prestigious art fairs. They facilitate meaningful collaborations that enhance artists’ visibility and commercial success in the competitive art market.

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